Acne Treatments for Teens: Staying Confident in School

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Acne is the most prevalent skin disorder in the United States, impacting an estimated 50 million people yearly. However, teenagers and young adults are particularly affected by this condition, which often starts during puberty. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, roughly 85% of individuals between the ages of 12 and 24 suffer from some kind of acne. Studies from the same organization have also discovered that people with acne report feeling less attractive and more self-conscious of their skin. If your teen has approached you about an acne concern, especially with the first day of school just on the horizon, it may be time to start exploring acne treatments together. Here’s why:

How Acne Affects Teens

While acne is in no way a real indicator of anyone’s innate beauty or attractiveness, it can affect people psychologically. As mentioned, people with acne can feel more self-conscious about their physical appearance, which amplifies even more when they’re in their teens. Young adults can feel more concerned about their appearance as they tend to feel hyper-aware of how others perceive them. While self-confidence naturally develops as you come to accept your intrinsic value, it might not always be so easy for teens at this stage in their lives. However, exploring acne treatments with your teen can help give them that much-needed support.

Options for Treating Acne


To date, AviClear is the only energy device approved by the FDA for the treatment of moderate to severe acne. When the sebaceous glands get blocked by sebum (oil), acne develops. By safely and efficiently decreasing sebum production, AviClear treats acne at its source.

HydraFacial™ Syndeo

The HydraFacial Syndeo is a type of service that incorporates a range of advanced skincare technologies into a single treatment, including hydra-dermabrasion, chemical peels, painless suction extractions, and more.

Acne Treatments for Teens in Lake Oswego, OR

In My Own Skin Med Spa is proud to provide both adults and teens with some of the best acne treatments in Lake Oswego, OR, including AviClear, HydraFacial, and more. As a professional med spa that operates under the supervision of a licensed physician, In My Own Skin Med Spa is second to none when it comes to offering cutting-edge aesthetic services with the highest-quality care. To book an appointment or for more information about your options, contact (503) 699-6464 today.

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