Our Top 5 Treatments of 2023


Here at In My Own Skin MedSpa, we believe in taking stock of the year passed to help us prepare for the future. Read along as we explore our top five cosmetic treatments of 2023 that have revitalized and restored the skin of many of our patients.

Whether youre planning on squeezing in a final treatment as 2023 ends, or looking to take yourself on a skincare journey in 2024, these treatments will be here for you!


BOTOX® Cosmetic/Dysport®/Xeomin®

For both men and women looking to treat moderate to severe frown lines on their face, BOTOX® Cosmetic, Dysport®, and XEOMIN® are all incredibly effective treatments. We offer all three of these neurotoxins in our medspa, so we can help decide which is best for you.

Soften the signs of aging with these gentle, yet powerful, neurotoxins that shed away the years. These injectable treatments were among our most popular treatments for a handful of reasons!


Those who wanted to address moderate to severe wrinkles and faced loss of volume benefited tremendously from Hyaluronic Acid fillers and Sculptra® Aesthetic.

For more immediate results, we recommend HA facial fillers. We offer a handful of Juvederm® and Restylane® products to treat a range of concerns.

For patients who are wanting a more natural look, and are looking for long-term results, we offer Sculptra®. It is FDA-approved, biocompatible, and provides a gradual, yet significant improvement in skin thickness and reduces the appearance of facial lines and folds. Unlike other HA fillers that degrade over time, Sculptra® is a global filler that actually builds with results lasting up to two years.


The newest, and most exciting, addition to our medspa! This new and popular treatment, AviClear, is the first and only FDA-cleared energy device for treating mild to severe acne that works on all skin types and ages. It can treat all acne; mild, moderate, and severe. As if it couldnt get better, you only need 3 treatments. Other acne treatments, such as Accutane, require blood work, come with side effects, and can be painful. No wonder it ranks among the top treatments at In My Own Skin MedSpa!

HydraFacial Syndeo

Get your glow on with the HydraFacial Syndeo, a powerhouse treatment device that combines multiple cleansing routes to deliver immediate results. It combines chemical peels, antioxidants, dermabrasion, painless suction extractors, and much more. Your skin is left feeling smooth and looking clear in 30-minute or 60-minute treatments. This treatment is not just popular in our office, it is popular nationwide!


The #1 treatment for fat reduction, CoolSculpting® Elite is a revolutionary, FDA-cleared fat reduction technique that is both non-invasive and effective at reducing the number of fat cells in the abdomen, flanks, inner/outer thigh, under the chin, and upper arms. With no need for anesthesia, no scarring, direct targeting, and more, its easy to see why CoolSculpting was one of the most popular treatments this past year.

Start The New Year with In My Own Skin Aesthetics & Spa in Lake Oswego, OR

As we say goodbye to 2023, say hello to the new year and new you with incredible cosmetic treatments capable of reducing fat, strengthening skin, eliminating signs of aging, and so much more.

At In My Own Skin MedSpa, we strive to help our patients feel confident in their own skin, and we look forward to helping you, too.

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