What To Expect After Lip Fillers

Beautiful,Lips,Close up.,Kiss.,Duck,Face.,Part,Of,Face,,Young Lip fillers have opened the door to easy, lasting lip augmentation that can give you the pout you’ve always dreamed of. Although lip fillers are increasing in popularity each year, many patients are still unsure what to expect after treatment. Not to worry — we’ve put together a list of everything you need to know after having your lips treated at our med spa in Lake Oswego, OR.

Some Bruising and Swelling Is Normal

The lips are a delicate area, and when a needle punctures them, the blood vessels are often damaged. Bruising after lip filler is common and normal, even when treatment is performed by a highly skilled injector. You may be tender for a few days, but the bruising should naturally subside within a 1-2 weeks. However, if the bruising is painfull and expanding, please give us a call as soon s possible to be seen for a follow up.

Swelling is also a common side effect of lip filler treatment. We recommend applying a cool compress to minimize this effect.

Avoid Rubbing Your Face

Any activity that requires pouting, puckering, or touching your lips should be avoided. This even includes waiting to enjoy messier foods that require you to wipe your mouth for the first 24-48 hours. You want to avoid any movements or applying pressure that could cause the filler to shift.

No Facials for At Least 2 Weeks

To ensure that your skin has fully healed and the filler has settled, avoiding any facials or skincare treatments that affect your mouth area for at least two weeks is best. Waiting at least 14 days after lip filler for a facial will ensure the product has had ample time to settle.

No Dental Procedures or Vaccines

In order to decrease the risk of an adverse reaction to lip filler, it is important to avoid having any vaccinations or dental work at least 2-weeks before and 2-weeks after. Your mouth can be stretched during a dental appointment which can disrupt the placement of the filler. Additionally dental work and vaccines can trigger an immune response, and could lead to additional swelling, redness, bruising if lip filler is injected.

You Will Need to Go Straw-Free for At Least 24 Hours

Puckering expressions are a no-go after fillers. Keeping your face in a neutral position without scrunching the lips is ideal to avoid filler movement. If you are worried about your teeth being stained from coffee, a quick rinse with water or a bathroom brush break can help prevent discoloration. Remember, this is only for the first 24 hours, so you can resume regular eating and drinking habits within a day.

Are You Ready For Fuller Lips?

We would love to help you look your best — whatever that means in your eyes. We are here to provide the highest quality care and service. As a board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Burgess understands how to help her patients achieve the results they desire. Along with our team of skilled nurses and aestheticians, we have the expertise, experience, and state-of-the-art technology necessary to give you the five-star treatment you deserve.

Please contact In My Own Skin Med Spa in Lake Oswego, OR, to schedule an appointment with one of our skilled nurse injectors. You can call us at 503-699-6464.

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