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Burgess Beauty Bank - $400/monthdr. Burgess and Her Entire Staff Are Amazing. From the Moment I Scheduled My Consultation, to the Scheduling of My Surgery. The Kindness, Care, and Attention to Every Detail Was Exceptional. Now 6 Weeks Post-op, the Continued Care I’ve Received is Second to None and the Result is Fantastic.

Dr. Burgess and her professional staff are top notch. From the initial consultation to the final results, I couldn't be more pleased

My life has literally been changed because of Dr. Burgess and her staff. Two years ago I began watching what I ate and exercising a little more. My excess weight began to fall off. I worked hard for two years and lost a total of 106 pounds. When I reached my goal weight, I looked in the mirror and realized I was not happy. I was in a different size but had a massive amount of skin left on my abdomen. I felt like an 24 year old trapped in a 84 year old body.

Being a healthcare professional I had dealt with patients who had Dr. Burgess and were thrilled with their results. I went to a body seminar with her and then had a patient consultation in her office. Things fell into place and within three weeks, I was scheduled for an abdominoplasty. At my pre-op visit, Dr. Burgess and her staff make me feel extremely comfortable and were so patient to sit and answer the list of questions I had brought for them.

Surgery went smoothly. Dr. Burgess and her staff were there every time I needed them and were always available to answer questions post-operatively. Following surgery Dr. Burgess, her staff, and I became friends as we saw each other numerous times the first month. They always greeted me with a smile and reassurance that I looked great in spite of the swelling. Believe it or not, I began to look forward to my trips to her office!

I owe everything to Dr. Burgess. Since the surgery, I have had more self confidence and truly feel comfortable in my own body. I put on a bikini for the first time in my life and just stood in the mirror looking at my new tummy in amazement. I absolutely love it! Thank you so much!*
Female, Age 24
My Life Has Literally Been Changed…*
I had a great experience with Dr. Burgess and her office. All of the staff is kind and professional. The hospital staff treated me kindly. Dr. Burgess and the anesthesiologist talked to me before surgery and answered any questions I or my fiancé had.

I am about three months out from liposuction of abdomen and thighs. My results are as I hoped. As I have been working out at the gym again (it is a great motivator) the results have gotten better and better. I still have to maintain my healthy eating and sleeping habits to look my best. I would highly recommend Dr. Burgess and her staff.*
Female, Age 42
I Had A Great Experience…*
Dr. Burgess performed Ultherapy around my mouth and lips and within 3 weeks I felt firmer and my lips appeared to be ‘lifted’ and more shapely. Now at 2 months, I am enjoying a more defined lip line. The procedure was less painful than I expected and took less than 30 minutes.*
Female, Age 45
Dr. Burgess Performed Ultherapy Around My Mouth And Lips…*
After 10 years of thinking about a breast augmentation, I made an appointment with Dr. Burgess. I remember how nervous and excited I was at that appointment. At my first appointment, I was immediately surprised at how much knowledge Dr. Burgess had on plastic surgery and about other non related plastic surgeries. She answered all of my questions and there must have been at least twenty. I immediately knew that I was ready to go through with the surgery and that I had found a doctor that I trusted 100%. The day of surgery came and I was so nervous, but Dr. Burgess reassured me that I would be okay. After surgery I was surprised at how good I felt. I even got McDonalds on the way home.

My recovery went so well. I was surprised at how well I was doing. I have to say that I did everything Dr. Burgess and her staff told me to. I am sure that helped with recovery. After surgery, Dr. Burgess and her staff were always available to answer any questions I had.

My whole experience I had with Dr. Burgess and her staff was a great one. My only regret is that I waited too long!

P.S. My boobs look so natural and for the most part I forget they are there.*
Female, Age 31
After 10 Years of Thinking About Breast Augmentation…*
The staff at Burgess Plastic Surgery is wonderful. Everyone made me feel so comfortable as I processed all the information and was making the decision about surgery and doctors. They are very attentive, friendly, and extremely helpful. I had a lot of questions and concerns and every one of them was answered and addressed with a smile.

I was feeling apprehensive about my surgery and my decision but Dr. Burgess and the staff at the hospital was OUTSTANDING. The care far succeeded my expectations.

It has been 5 months since my procedure. I look and feel great! I have found that self confident, energetic, outgoing person that had been lost for so long. I feel like ME again for the first time in many years. I should have done this sooner!*
Female, Age 32
The Staff At Burgess Plastic Surgery Is Wonderful…*
For a very long time, I had experienced so much physical pain (the back aches, shoulder and neck pain, etc.) but also much emotional pain. Dr. Burgess has given me the gift of confidence and positive body image. No longer do I feel weighted down physically and emotionally from my chest. I now believe that I can be that athletic, healthy woman I used to be.

Dr. Burgess’ staff is top notch and the care I have received from them has been so appreciated. Thank you, thank you! My light will shine brighter that it has in a very long time.*
Female, Age 30
For A Very Long Time…*
I have visited Burgess Plastic Surgery several times for a variety of reasons. I have never had a bad experience. First of all, the clinic is always clean, warm, and inviting. The staff is friendly and helpful. They are eager to help and answer questions and make me feel safe and secure. Dr. Burgess is amazing! She always has the right ideas and I always walk away feeling beautiful without any pressure! I highly recommend this clinic!

I was really nervous about the whole process but the staff made me feel very comfortable with my procedure. She changed my life!

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“Dr. Burgess and her staff are amazing. From the moment I walked into the office I was treated with respect and kindness. Everyone I encountered is professional and makes you feel safe and special. And the best part.... I love my results! I can't thank you enough.”

–Dawn Funk, Actual Patient


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