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For patients who struggle with inadequate eyelash growth, Dr. Elisa Burgess is pleased to offer Latisse® Eyelash Enhancement treatments, to increase lash length and fullness. Latisse® can help women suffering from hypertrichosis (a condition that causes short or inadequate eyelashes) to finally get the full, beautiful lashes they want—all without false extensions or clumpy, fake-looking mascara tricks.

Am I a candidate for Latisse™?

Patients dissatisfied with the appearance of their lashes, either due to insufficient length or fullness, can turn to Latisse™ as a non-invasive treatment to promote eyelash growth. Latisse™, which is made by Allergan, is a solution containing bimatoprost ophthalmic and clinical trials have shown that most users experience a significant increase in eyelash prominence.

How do I apply the product?

Unlike most cosmetic procedures, Latisse™ can actually be applied by the patient at home. This treatment must be self-administered consistently and on a daily basis, likely before bedtime. Before treatment, the patient should clean their face and remove any makeup or contact lenses. Holding the applicator brush horizontally, the patient will place one drop of the Latisse™ solution on the tip of the brush. Starting at the inner eyelid, the patient will then brush the solution across the base of the upper eyelid. Any excess solution should be blotted and the applicator then disposed of.

What should I expect following application?

Most patients will start to see results within eight to twelve weeks after beginning Latisse™ treatment, with full results evident after 16 weeks. In clinical trials, many patients’ lashes were longer, fuller, and some were darker than before beginning Latisse™ treatment. However, if the patient discontinues treatment, the lashes will return to normal.

Some possible side effects from Latisse™ may include, itching or redness of the eyes, and less common side effects like eye irritation or dryness, as well as darkening or redness of the skin around the treated area.

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“Dr. Burgess and her staff are amazing. From the moment I walked into the office I was treated with respect and kindness. Everyone I encountered is professional and makes you feel safe and special. And the best part.... I love my results! I can't thank you enough.”

–Dawn Funk, Actual Patient


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